Kobra Shredders – Improve Shredding and Prevent Unwanted Access

KOBRA is an Elcoman.it brand. It includes many items that contrast in size, shape, and groupings to address different objective business sectors. KOBRA Paper Shredders, remarkable in plan and dependable being used, are favored overall because of the usability, effective destroying, and efficient. The intrinsic plan and underlying elements recognize Kobra machines from other serious brands and make them one of the main producers of best shredder machines. Elcoman the parent organization is situated in Italy and prestigious for plan and improvement of office supplies, paper machines, and state of the art equipment arrangements.

Kobra fabricates Shredders in practically all small dual shaft shredder classifications including business shredders, modern shredders, office shredders, individual shredders, home shredders, and hard core shredders. Further, whether you are searching for a moderate security level 2 Strip Cut shredders or a high security, level 6, very miniature cut unit – KOBRA has everything!

The Kobra machines are complex, strong, and strong – in construction and capacities. The following are not many leader KOBRA items:

Kobra Shredder C-100 Cross-Cut Shredder

The KOBRA C-100 Deskside Shredder is quite possibly of the least difficult machine. It can shred paper clasps and normal staples notwithstanding paper sheets at variable shred speeds. The shredder with a 9.5 Gallon removable shred container works free of plastic sacks and doesn’t need continuous unloading. It is made completely programmed with Electronic Eye to notice and set off destroying in view of the accessibility of paper sheets in the 9″ throat or feed opening. It forestalls paper jams and horrendous hold ups with a backup and converse switch. The carbon solidified steel sharp edges of the shredder improve execution and stay safe by the staples and paper cuts. The shredder comes mounted on casters for versatility and the warm insurance shields engine from overheating.

Kobra Shredder 240 SS5 Straight-Cut Shredder

KOBRA SS5 240 is a multipurpose shredder. This shredder comes outfitted with ENERGY Brilliant framework with optical pointers. The shredder consumes no power in Backup mode and safeguards climate with eco-accommodating destroying. The shredder includes a strong engine with Very Potential Power Unit and Rock solid Chain Drive with Steel Cog wheels to work 24 hours consistently without hold-ups. The engine comes safeguarded against overheating. The adequate container of 9.5 Gallon stops shredder naturally when the waste canister is out and demonstrates it with a light sign. Carbon solidified steel cutters can shred paper clasps and staples with paper sheets without influencing the edges of the shaper. The straight cut 240 SS5 KOBRA Shredder is ideal for use in little to medium size workplaces.

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